Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Family that Tangles Together...

...has fun! :) I recently discovered Zentangles and other forms of "line weaving." It's funny that there was a type of drawing I did when I was younger that was quite similar. I find it fascinating, not only for techniques, but also seeing the gorgeous works of art people produce while tangling. I showed some things to my daughter (the artsiest of my kids), and taught her a couple of simple ones to start. Well, yesterday, she came in all excited. Her gifted class has been doing Greek Mythology and for a break, he started them doing Zentangles! He mentioned them and she said "I know what those are!" Of course, her classmates were "no you don't..." She responded "I dad does them!" Dan is an awesome teacher and introduces the kids to so much. I'm thankful that my oldest had him, my daughter has him now, and I fully believe that my youngest will as well. Stay tuned. KP learned Cadent, Pokeleaf, and Pokeroot yesterday, so I'll probably be posting some tangles from her soon.

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