Friday, August 9, 2013

Art in Life Without Human Hands

Late yesterday afternoon, we had some awesome storms come through. When they settled down, the sunset sky was a vivid green. While, for us Southerners, this is not uncommon, it always helps to realize just how powerful those storms can be. Anyway, my youngest son walked out back and then came running back yelling, "There's a rainbow!" Well, of course, we all jumped up and ran out. It was a beautiful double rainbow that was just right to see the full arc in front of us. I grabbed my phone and took a picture, as I didn't have my GOOD camera at the ready. While it doesn't do it justice, it still conveys some of the beauty. I was pondering it and told my wife that rainbows amaze me. They're beautiful not just for their color, but the physics behind them and the biblical promise they represent. They are, to me, some of nature's most beautiful artworks. The one yesterday was one of those bright rainbows in which the colors are vivid and easily distinguished. I had to smile and count myself blessed to have such fleeting beauty available to me in that moment. I say God's paintbrush is still the most amazing!

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